Chris Glass



I found Chris when I was 32 and severely obese, depressed and was so ready to give up! She came into my life and taught me how to eat, workout and to never give up! We became very good friends

I have come back to Chris because I got off the fitness and eating good wagon and gained 30 lbs. I look forward to my new before and after pics! Chris is honest and has integrity and she truly knows her stuff!          Heather Presley


"Throughout my running career I have ran numerous half marathons and 2 full marathons. The half distance is my favorite, but as I got older I struggled with maintaining what I felt was a decent pace and time. Chris helped me see the importance of incorporating strength training into my training program in order to increase endurance, speed, and prevent injury.

During our sessions Chris stressed the importance of proper form for best results and was motivating and encouraging. After several one on one sessions with her, I was able to incorporate what I learned into my own training for a half marathon this past November 2016. This was the best race I ran in several years. Not only did I get a personal record, I felt strong the entire race, and my recovery was much quicker. I appreciate Chris's knowledge and expertise. She is fantastic!"         Tricia Morgan


I met Chris at the height of heavy metal, hard rock and one of the true golden ages of bodybuilding. When I arrived in Southern California the first thing I did was head to Golds Gym.
I suddenly found myself training training next to Chris Glass. Diminutive in height but not physique or strength of will. Her focus and intelligent devotion to the sport was a critical inspiration for me. It was then I began to see the light in terms of proper form, focus and diet and the type of visualization that is essential to obtaining your physique goals.

Shep Gordon, our manager, suggested both Alice Cooper and I workout with a personal trainer to prepare AC for the upcoming tour. Coincidentally, Alice Cooper noticed Chris in a Muscle & Fitness magazine article and said "I want her to train me".  As expected Chris really got hardcore on us. End of story, Alice was totally ready for the tour and I was...really sore!

I know today she’s one of the few that breathed that rarified air of one of the true Golden Era’s of bodybuilding and has all of the knowledge and personal experiences of someone who has truly walked the walk! She gets my 100% endorsement as a trainer and physique consultant and I can say a vertical fitness curve is on the way for anyone who enlists her services. Rock on Chris!        

Kane Roberts -  Recording Artist, Former guitar play for Alice Cooper