Chris Glass


How does Online Fitness & Nutrition work?


My ONLINE Fitness & Nutrition services are cutting edge,

at a fraction of the price you'd pay for a personal trainer.

It's NOT about what size you are or how you look, it's about getting healthier than you are right now!

I can help you accomplish your goals comfortably and successfully. Whether you have access to a gym or wish stay in the comfort of your home, I can help you start living a healthier lifestyle!

You will receive an INDIVIDUALIZED program specific to your goals.

Your program covers both fitness and nutrition!

ALL Levels of Fitness will benefit from this program and will be specific to each individual!

You will receive a Personal Nutrition Plan with easy to follow recipes. Special dietary needs included!


Price varies on each individual please contact me to discuss!


Sample Fitness Program (click on arrows for proper excercise form):


Sample Nutrition Plan with recipes