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Easy Meal Plans

Stop Dieting. Start Living.

I can make eating healthier very easy for you!

Food should be natural, nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare - all at the same time. Even if you are not a cook, I can show you how to make and create spectacular, great tasting dishes with just three or four ingredients.


 What's for Dinner?

 Delicious, nutritious meals no matter how busy your night.

Our chef-designed meal solutions help you solve the age old question,

What's for Dinner?


Make Ahead                                                                     

  • Enjoy make-ahead convenience for your busy life
  • Save time and money by preparing 10 meals in advance

Make Fresh

  • Enjoy cooking with our simple to prepare, nutritious recipes
  • You'll love our ready-made shopping lists and step-by-step guide

Make Fast

  • Cook wholesome and delicious meals fast
  • Cook healthy alternatives to takeout
  • Search our recipes for ideas


Wildtree uses the highest quality herbs, spices and culinary blends that are free of preservatives, additives, fillers and promote a healthier lifestyle. There is a way of making cooking a quicker, easier, more healthful project for those who are short on time.

I use Wildtree products and highly recommend them. They are made with the finest natural ingredients available. Instead of “good for you” foods with all the flavor of sawdust, these products are taste-tested winners.

It is difficult to eat healthy, nutritious food and find time to prepare. It was quite a challenge and sometimes very stressful. Hence, I was introduced to their Freezer Meal Workshops and have been preparing my meals like this on a regular basis.

Think "Dream Dinners" concept, but healthier & at half the price. Based on the cost of the Wildtree products and your groceries you will be spending a reasonable $16-18/per meal or $4 - 4.50 per person for a healthy, balanced & preservative-free meal!! Each freezer meal recipe serves 4 persons. Meal recipes can be cut in half or doubled.

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